Green Forest Hemp (GFH) is a hemp farming, CBD oil extraction and real estate investment company.  Our main base of operations is in Colorado with planned expansion into New Mexico and Kansas.  We have over 160 acres under contract in Colorado for 2019 and plan on expanding to over 1,000 acres of hemp farming in 2020.  We also have ethanol extraction facilities in the Castle Rock, Colorado area to convert hemp biomass into full spectrum CBD oil.

GFH has locations in Colorado in Colorado Springs, Penrose, Rifle, Grand Junction, Limon, Castle Rock and Pueblo.  We are expanding to additional locations in Colorado in 2019 and 2020.  In addition, Green Forest Hemp has an administrative offices in Cheyenne, Wyoming and Hutchinson Island, Florida.  We work our own farms and partner with farmers in a co-op group to insure farmers can benefit in the growth of the hemp, CBD oil and related products. Our co-op structure provides a win-win solution for Green Forest Hemp, farm owners and for hemp farmers.

Green Forest Hemp is developing our own line of CBD oil, isolate and other CBD oil based healthy products for humans and pets.  The GFH line will be launched in 2020. Finally, we offer electronic financial services for hemp farmers and other hemp businesses.  These EMI or electronic money institution services are available to our customers and co-op hemp farm members.  These customers have found it difficult to transact business or they have to deal with foreign credit card processors who charge excessive fees. These include ICO, STO, crypto coin and blockchain services.