Green Forest Hemp (GFH) has an hemp biomass extraction facility in the Castle Rock, Colorado with more facilities planned for 2020.  Our extraction processes use ethanol and CO2 extraction methods for the purest organic full spectrum CBD oil.  Our main extraction method is ethanol but we will be adding CO2 extraction in late 2019.  GFH does extraction for our own farms and for other hemp farmers.  If you are looking for extraction services, please contact us at Green Forest Hemp.

In 2020, we will be launching our own line of Green Forest Hemp full spectrum CBD oil, isolates and other hemp derived healthy products.  Green Forest Hemp is also working on a line of beauty and hair care products using hemp oil.  GFH management has extensive experience in hair and beauty care products.  This line will also be launched in 2020.  These products will be sold directly to wholesalers, retailers and direct to consumers via our web site.  GFH has extensive contacts in Western and Eastern Europe for our Green Forest Hemp beauty and health care products

If you are a farmer looking for hemp biomass extraction services or food or health care firm looking for CBD oil and products, please contact GFH.  We can offer both ethanol extraction services and we are adding CO2 extraction in late 2019.