Green Forest Hemp sets aside money in our budget for pain reduction research.  Many people worldwide suffer from real pain from accidents, illness and for other reasons.  Sadly, many people are not happy having to use prescription opiates to try to control their chronic and acute pain.  The problem is opiates come with many downsides which can be detrimental to the health of the person. One lesser known reaction may be memory loss or a form of dementia.

We know people with real acute and chronic pain and they will tell you that prescription opiates are really the only thing they can use to relieve their pain.  At GFH, we are putting our money towards looking for a better solution to easing chronic pain.  Helping people live healthier lives using hemp and full spectrum CBD oil and related products is Green Forest Hemp’s mission.

GFH will be working on CBD oil and isolate delivery with other natural methods to hopefully help reduce the pain for individuals.  Green Forest Hemp will be embarking on this research starting in 2020. We are currently working with individuals, professionals and a scientist to make this dream a reality  This will require additional licensing and we will be setting up the GFH research lab in 2020. These hemp, CBD oil and other products will be compliant with all laws.

Helping individuals with chronic and acute pain is one of our main missions.  Green Forest Hemp also wants to make this help as affordable as possible for people.  Today, there are some options available but they are often far more expensive than drugs like prescription opiates.  We hope our research can help people suffering from chronic pain.